Heavy Rail

To get a train to a platform at a specified time is the product of a complex set of interdependent processes that goes beyond the operating system. Mastery of all aspects of these intricate and comprehensive sequences is what distinguishes Transdev’s rail services.

Transdev is a well-positioned and experienced partner for integrated high quality rail services. With over 150 million rail passengers per year, we serve people on the move through an innovative approach to mobility. Our implementation and operation of integrated rail solutions connect people, communities and regions, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

With its solid expertise gained around the world, Transdev contributes actively to the construction of new rail services that are eagerly anticipated by regional travelers and local authorities.

Smooth, competitive, sustainable

The Transdev Group is the leading intercity operator in France and manages rail services in six countries. 

Whether it is on long-distance international and inter-regional routes, suburban and rural services or tourist lines, Transdev advises and works with transit authorities to put in place trusted rail services that offer sustainable mobility solutions and a major socio-economic boost to regions.

Discover some of our operations

  • Rhônexpress - Lyon, France:

The Rhônexpress tram-train is France’s first express rail service directly linking a city center to an airport. As a “train” it features high commercial speed (up to 100 km/hr) while as a “tram” it can take advantage of the existing urban light rail network to reach the city center.

22 km of track 

4 stations 

7 days service a week from 5 a.m. till midnight Every 15 min. during peak hours (6 a.m. – 9 p.m.) Every 30 min. off-peak 

3,600 trips/day

  • Regional Express - Meridian - Bavaria, Germany

The Bayerische Oberlandbahn GmbH started operations for the so-called “E-Netz Rosenheim” in Bavaria on the 15th of December 2013 by introducing the new brand Meridian. Three lines originating in Munich serve the main cities in the region Salzburg, Kufstein, Holzkirchen and Rosenheim, and over 30 stations along the lines improving regional connections and development. 

3 lines 

261 km of track 

41 stations 

15 million passengers/year 

4.8 million km travelled per year 

180 employees

  • Auckland Commuter Rail Network - Auckland, New Zealand 

96 km of track

41 stations

2,600 weekly services 

11 million passengers/year

2.8 million km travelled per year

560 employees

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