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Transdev is the world’s leading provider of light rail transit (LRT) solutions, with 22 systems running in 12 countries across four continents. The company’s pioneering position stems from an ability to provide comprehensive support to local authority partners; from initial feasibility studies to everyday success. Transdev not only has extensive expertise as a tram network operator, but through its sister company Transamo, it has worked with transport authorities to manage the planning, design, build and operation of over 161 miles of light rail.

Transdev worked in partnership with the first cities that revived this mode of transport in France in the mid-1980s, namely Nantes and Grenoble. Transdev's operation in Nantes pioneered a new era of mobility introducing the very first modern tramway in 1985. Today the network is over 24 miles in length and the backbone of an internationally recognised example in urban mobility, carrying over 265,000 light rail passengers a day and continued ridership growth - nearly 40% in the last 10 years.

These systems, together with other hugely successful schemes across France have allowed Transdev to apply this experience to the provision of tram services in Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The example of Strasbourg is particularly interesting as it was the first of the next generation tramways, where high quality accessible vehicles were integrated into the streetscene.  This Transdev project was really the catalyst to the French renaissance of tramways and many other international projects were modelled on this example.

Modern trams have been successfully reintroduced not only as a fast and efficient mode of transport, but as a way to bring urban and social benefits which reshape the urban space and meet public authorities' wider urban plans and visions.

Luas, Dublin

In 1994, within the framework of its urban development plan, the City of Dublin decided to implement - in addition to its existing network - a light rail system, for quick and environmentally friendly transportation with high customer capacity to meet rush-hour demand. To build the light rail system, a dedicated agency, RPA, was set up to manage the project. In 2002 Transdev were awarded the contract to operate the 'Luas' light rail system in Dublin with the service becoming operational in 2004 .

Key Figures;

- 2 lines
- 23 miles of track
- 54 stops
- 6 park and ride services
- 80,000 journeys per day
- 27.4 million passengers per year
- 66 vehicles
- 300 employees

In October 2010 Transdev delivered a 4.6 mile extension to the Green Line and in July 2011 a further 2.6 mile extension of the Red Line with a new Park and Ride facility at Cheeverstown station. These improvements demonstrate Transdev's commitment to the ongoing development of the service. along with an open and on-going dialogue between the transport authority (RPA)

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