Autonomous Vehicles

Transdev is a leader in operating autonomous transport systems, with comprehensive service offerings for autonomous mobility based on a solid expertise that has been developing since 2005.

While just a few years ago, the idea of getting around in a driverless car was considered as science fiction; today it's a reality! Autonomous vehicles technology is developing rapidly and Transdev, as a leading mobility system operator, now offers custom-made solutions that integrate these new modes of transport into our daily lives. 

A major issue for the future of urban mobility

Autonomous mobility is ideally suited to provide flexible solutions that blend seamlessly with existing networks to expand the scope of public transit and to better serve airports, universities, corporate campuses and planned communities, first or last kilometre services, either on demand or on a fixed-route basis, keeping our focus on what matters — moving passengers safely and seamlessly to their destination.

At Transdev, we believe that the future of mobility includes autonomous mobility. We are already operating autonomous vehicles on closed sites and are also conducting many experiments on open streets. 

Discover our operations

  • Civaux, France: since 1 March 2016, the first commercial transportation service with autonomous shuttles is operated at the EDF Civaux nuclear power plant. Every day, 2,000 employees take the six shuttles around a 2.5 km circuit.

  • Darwin, Australia: starting at the beginning of 2017, for a period of six months, autonomous shuttles will be circulating at the Darwin Waterfront.

  • Issey-les-Moulineaux, France: an autonomous shuttle circulates for one month in the heart of the Île Saint-Germain Park in Issy-les-Moulineaux from 6 March to 7 April 2017.

  • United States: an autonomous shuttle has circulated in six cities – Sarasota, Atlanta, New Orleans, Arlington, Los Angeles, and San Jose. This was done over two months as part of a big roadshow in the first quarter of 2017.

  • La Rochelle, France: 15,000 people rode six autonomous shuttles deployed for more than four months, travelling a 1.6 km circuit in the city centre.

  •  Rouen, France: for one month, from December 2016 to January 2017, 3,000 people used the Astucio autonomous shuttle to get around a 1.6 km stretch of the banks of the Seine.

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands: since December 2005, Transdev autonomous shuttles have been transporting 2,000 people per day around a 1.8 km circuit with 5 stations, from the Kralingse Zoom metro station to the Rivium business district in the city of Capelle aan den Ijssel.

Transdev, a leader for autonomous transport systems

In 2005, Transdev paved the way by setting up a fleet of autonomous vehicles in Rotterdam. Since April 2016, we have been operating a fleet of six vehicles at the EDF Civaux nuclear power plant under the very first commercial contract in the world.

Transdev has a multi-vehicle manufacturers approach and has currently the broadest range of solutions.

We offer turnkey solutions, from the service design of a tailored made solution, to the operational set-up of the autonomous transport system, including digital tools for passengers. 

A major partnership with the Renault-Nissan Alliance

In February 2017, Transdev and Renault-Nissan signed a research contract for developing mobility services using autonomous vehicles for public transport and for on-demand services. Transdev and the Alliance will collaborate to design a comprehensive, modular transport system that will allow customers to book a vehicle for a trip and operators to manage a fleet of autonomous vehicles. The R&D program will first be conducted through field tests at the Paris-Saclay business cluster with Renault ZOEs and Transdev dispatch, supervision, and routing platform.

Our vehicles in action

Transdev autonomous transportation experience

Climb into our Autonomous vehicle in Virtual Reality!

Discover the autonomous vehicle in Rouen!

i-Cristal, the electric full autonomous shuttle

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