Bus Rapid Transit

Columbia - Canada - France

Transdev has considerable expertise in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects which are bridging the gap between tram schemes and conventional bus services.

Through dedicated bus lanes and adapted road layouts, intelligent priorities at traffic lights, optional vehicle guidance (optical or mechanical) and seamless integration with the multi-modal system, BRT is the ideal solution for passengers seeking reliable, high-quality service.

Key schemes are already operating in under Transdev’s registered rapid transit solution ’BusWay’ product.

BusWay® service in Nantes, France. Image © Transdev PLC 2009BusWay® service in Nantes, France. Image © Transdev PLC 2009

The BusWay product builds upon Transdev's existing successful tram concept and applies it to a bus network by providing the same quality of service as a tram network. This has been demonstrated In both Nantes and Maubeuge, where Transdev had the mandate to design, build and operate the Bus Rapid Transit systems. In other words, we were responsible for delivering the goals the public authority wanted to achieve through its BRT service developing a close partnership between the local authority and Transdev which is an essential part of Transdev’s approach towards public service provision.

Transdev's BRT schemes deliver high levels of priority, accessibility, frequency and comfort, facilitating modal shift and social inclusion.

The BusWay concept is built around six fundamental principles:

  1. A compelling service offer (high-frequency services, good evening and Sunday provision).
  2. Full accessibility for everyone both on buses and at stations.
  3. Dedicated, high quality vehicles with a unique and striking visual identity.
  4. Well-equipped stations with above-standard facilities such as real time information, excellent lighting and clear signage.
  5. Priority at traffic lights and where possible, a dedicated right of way.
  6. Integrated, easy to use ticketing alongside complementary bus and tram services.

BusWay encompasses all the qualities of a tramway at a lower capital cost - a hybrid solution adapted to cities that need to deliver a step-change in public transport provision but don't require the high capacity of a tramway.

In July 2011 Transdev partnered with the Greater Paris Region organising authority (STIF) to launch ‘T-Zen’ a BRT system with the aim of creating a series of high-capacity, cost-efficient transport corridors linking with the existing infrastructure. With a total project cost of under 85 million euro ‘T-Zen’ carries up to 2,400 passengers an hour in each direction along the 9 mile route – nearly 35% more passengers than a regular bus route .

Vehicles equipped with the latest Euro 5, EEV engines also feature automatic sliding doors, large luminous windows, wide gangways with comfortable seating, full accessibility, video-surveillance and on-board real-time information screens for a better passenger experience.

A newly-constructed 1,400 m² green depot features a solar panelled roof, natural gas heating and extensive water recycling. In addition, each station offers a 10-20 place secure bicycle parking facility

In the York region of Canada, Transdev work with the York Region Transit Authority to operate a BRT system ‘Viva’ with ridership of 8.3 million passengers every year. With 115 vehicles operating at 5 minute intervals at peak time, Viva has been recognised as “The most innovative Transit network in North America” by the American Public Transport Association annual awards.

High comfort, air-conditioned and sleek designed vehicles have transformed the bus experience with in-vehicle screens displaying current news, weather, and traffic updates. The modern and well designed stations are equipped with real-time passenger information and ticketing facilities with simple colour-coded routes that are easy to navigate.

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