Bus Rapid Transit

Transdev has considerable expertise in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects which are bridging the gap between tram schemes and conventional bus services.

Through dedicated bus lanes and adapted road layouts, intelligent priorities at traffic lights, optional vehicle guidance (optical or mechanical) and seamless integration with the multi-modal system, BRT is the ideal solution for passengers seeking reliable, high-quality service.

BusWay® service in Nantes, France. BusWay® service in Nantes, France.

Transdev expertise covers project engineering, transportation system supervision, urban
integration and commercial management. Drawing on a wealth of experience acquired in Rouen, Nantes, Bogotá or Paris, the company is ready to share this knowledge with public authorities, looking to jointly develop customized BRT solutions able to adapt and stand the test of time.

Transamo, over 20 years by your side

The go-to partner for project managers and local authorities, Transamo, a subsidiary of Transdev, excels in providing support for transit projects from A to Z. Since its creation in 1994, Transamo has become the French benchmark reference for project management, not only supplying support services, but helping introduce key changes in mobility. From the reincarnation of light rail to the development of BRT, its teams of specialists have helped cities evolve, effect change and transform their environment.

Discover some of our operations

  • Transmilenio - Bogota, Colombia:

115.5 km of dedicated lanes - 2.5m passengers a day - 136 stations

9 bus depots - 11 routes - Commercial speed of 24 km/h

161 vehicles - each bi-articulated vehicle has a 27m length and 250 passenger capacity 

  • BusWay - Nantes, France:

1 line of 7 km including 6.7 km of dedicated two-way lanes

15 stations - 6 park-and-ride locations with a total of 1,280 parking spaces

34,750 passengers per day - 22 Citaro Natural Gas articulated buses

  • TZen - Greater Paris, France:

14.7 km of lines including 9.6 km dedicated lanes in 4 towns and 2 counties

23 priority signals - 14 stations - 5,000 passengers/day

Approx 1 million km operated each year - 10 BRT EEV/EuroV compliant buses

  • Flash - Greater Chalon, France:

1 line - 6 km of line (incl. 1/3 on dedicated lanes) -15 stops

6 vehicles - 5,500 passengers/day - 7.2 million trips pa

318,554 km/year

  • TCAR - Rouen, France

3 BRT lines - 2 tram lines - 23 fixed bus routes

33 school lines - 50 stops - 63,000 passengers/day

15.8 million trips pa - 78 km of BRT routes - 13.9 million km/year

222 buses - 68 optically-guided articulated BRT buses



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