Bus and Coach

Our expertise in bus and coach markets is extensive, and Transdev’s UK bus operations are representative of the Transdev approach to delivering high quality public transport services.

Our UK businesses deliver services that are award winning and continue to set the benchmark for quality and innovation. In each area, we have also demonstrated our ability to work closely with the local authority acheiving outstanding levels of service.

Key features of our bus and coach expertise both in the UK and further afield are:

  • Urban bus networks in the UK and overseas, where we continue to deliver sustainable modal shift and patronage growth.
  • Very high standards of operational achievement under contract to authorities in world-class networks.
  • High quality inter-urban routes such as the award winning '36' or 'Witch Way' in the UK.
  • Focussing upon the needs of the passenger as our first priority, providing comfortable, reliable and sustainable transport solutions.

We are also a renowned innovator, offering complementary services which improve customer satisfaction and help to stimulate travel. For example:

  • Real time information at stops, on the web and via mobile phones.
  • Electronic and mobile ticketing, including trials of smartcards capable of being immediately updated by the customer at home via a USB reader and using next generation Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile phone ticketing in Grenoble.
  • High quality vehicle interiors offering full accessibility, larger buggy areas, industry leading legroom and sumptuous leather seats on many inter-urban routes within Blazefield.


Transdev are the sole owners and operator of the Eurolines brand in France, Belgium, Holland and Poland with additional partnerships in Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic. Operating hundreds of vehicles to over a thousand destinations in Europe, Eurolines is Europe's leading scheduled service coach operator.

Carrying 4 million passengers and covering 79 million miles a year, Eurolines accounts for 2% of trips by motor vehicles between European countries.

Eurolines combines some of the lowest prices on the market with an extremely wide range of destinations, from small towns to the major European capitals. This makes the network a very competitive alternative to travelling by private car, airplane or train.

Customers can book their tickets on websites in all the countries covered, by telephone or at points of sale. Eurolines' products are also available from many travel agencies.

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