Nottingham City Transport (NCT) is the largest municipal bus operator in England, providing over 80 per cent of the bus services in the Greater Nottingham area. The Company was established over 125 years ago and has developed and grown, becoming Nottingham City Transport Limited when the bus industry was deregulated in 1986. NCT now carries over 1 million passengers per week on a fleet of more than 540 buses.

NCT Greenline Livery. Image © NCT 2008NCT Greenline Livery. Image © NCT 2008

Sharing Best Practice

Transdev became an 18 per cent shareholding partner with Nottingham City Council, the majority owner of NCT, in May 2000. Since then the company has worked successfully with the Council to bring its skills, international experience and best practice to the business.

In September 2001 NCT launched its new simplified network. Now 85 per cent of Nottingham residents have a frequent daytime service to the city centre within 400m of their home. The new network provides more reliable and frequent services, revised routes, new buses and improved customer care and communications.

Investment and Innovation

NCT has invested £23 million on a modern low floor bus fleet and pioneered a 'next bus' text message service and the largest smartcard fare system in the UK outside of London, with over 60,000 regular users.

Integrating Services

NCT's goal is to provide all Nottingham residents with a viable and desirable alternative mode of transport to the car within the city area. NCT has proudly worked in partnership with Nottingham City Council and Transdev since 2001.


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