Green Tomato Cars

Green Tomato Cars is London's leading minicab service. Established in 2006 with only 4 cars, it now has over 500 hybrids, people carriers and executive vehicles operating around the clock. Offering an outstanding personal service, cars are available within minutes, and more than 99% of all pick-ups are achieved on time. Customers can book by app, online or by phone and all cars come with free wi-fi on board. .

Our Service

While the service standard is outstanding, the price is for everyone. Customers can pay by cash, card or on account. We're so confident we'll arrive on time that we've introduced 'time is money', a unique offering that pays account customers if we run late. (Even if we're just 1 minute late!)

Our Vehicles


The lion's share of our fleet consists of the greentomato Prius.  The Prius is still the best hybrid vehicle on the market for our needs - smooth, reliable and low-emission.  Emissions are at least 50% less than the majority of black cabs on London's streets and considerably less than most people carriers and conventional minicabs too.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Having pioneered the Prius since 2006, greentomatocars now runs the UK’s largest fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles as part of its commitment to reducing its tailpipe emissions to zero. The Mirai is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell saloon, using hydrogen gas to generate electricity within a fuel cell stack, and producing no tailpipe emissions other than water.  A full-tank driving range of around 300 miles bears comparison with a petrol-powered car and the refuelling process only takes about three minutes.


In September 2014 greentomatocars purchased its first fully electric Tesla Model S, to showcase the latest in electric vehicle technology to their clients – and to prove that electric vehicles are a true alternative to standard cars. The Model S has a range of 250 miles on a full charge, is a real head-turner and needs only 40 minutes to charge up to 80% capacity, using Tesla’s own supercharger network.

The Environment

greentomatocars recognises that its core service has an unavoidable impact on the environment. However, everything about the business is aimed at minimising this impact.


greentomatocars is the official transport partner of Albert, an organisation put in place by BAFTA to support the UK production and broadcast industry transition to environmental sustainability, working in collaboration to accelerate best practice.


All our CO2 emissions are offset by 200%, meaning we buy carbon credits for double the amount of Carbon Dioxide that we emit. Since we've launched we have invested in planting trees in the UK and further afield and in energy saving projects in India and Brazil.


Our dispatch software is set up to minimise the distance our drivers travel without passengers on board.  This helps drive down CO2 emissions and reduce air pollution in one of the most polluted capital cities in Europe.

The Office

Practising what we preach spreads right through the office.  We have been accredited with the very strict Environmental Management System -  ISO 14001 - since 2010.


For more information or to book with Green Tomato Cars;

Phone: 020 8568 0022


iPhone & Android - download from the app/play store - search "greentomatocars"


To open an account with greentomatocars;

020 8166 8327

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