Transdev’s Group 2016 results boost its ambitions for development

31 March 2017

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev, has presented the group’s results for 2016.

Revenue increased to €6.7 billion, with operating income of €124 million. Given the company’s significant reduction in debt (down €148 million to €592 million), these results strengthen Transdev’s position and its capacity to grow profitably. A leader in all types of mobility, Transdev is looking to the future with confidence.

"Our 2016 results and the recovery of growth reflect Transdev’s dynamism and confirm its robustness. What the figures don’t reflect is the group’s extraordinary potential."

Thierry Mallet

Transdev has posted a significant improvement in its core business, public transportation, which represents 85% of its activity. The year was marked by new contracts as well as the startup of highly visible operations. Among these, Transdev won the Artois Gohelle contract, which is the sixth largest urban transport area in France. Amsterdam region (AML) and Eindhoven contracts in the Netherlands have made the energy transition a reality, and Transdev is now the undisputed leader in electric buses operations in Europe. The good start of the Wellington contract in New Zealand further reinforces the group’s capability in rail operations. Meanwhile, the group won new contracts, notably in Germany (Ausburg and Leipzig) and the United States (Foothill, Valley Metro, Fulton, Anaheim and Phoenix), confirming its positive momentum.

In 2016, Transdev also acquired Urbis Park Services, a major player in car park management, which will help the group extend its range of solutions for public authorities.

2016 also saw a change in the group’s shareholding: Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) increased its stake and now holds 70% of Transdev’s capital.

"My aim is for Transdev to achieve a growth rate of 5% in all our businesses by 2020. This growth must be profitable. This will be achieved by continuously improving our performance and the quality of our solutions. We believe in client focused and practical innovations that can improve our competitiveness or create new services"

Thierry Mallet

As part of this strategy, Transdev is participating in several large bids such as Lille, Caen, CDG Express, Doha and Casablanca.

In the context of the mobility revolution, Transdev is committed to playing a leading role. Convinced that the mobility of the future will be Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric, Transdev aims to grow its Public Transit operations while developing new services for local authorities, always focusing on passenger needs and the quality of each aspect of the trip experience. In this context, Transdev recently signed a research partnership with the Renault Nissan alliance in the field of autonomous vehicles including real-life experiments in the Ile-de-France region and Rouen (Normandy).

  • 2016 revenue: €6.7 billion

  • 83,000 employees

  • Current net operating income: €124 million

  • Net income, group share: €66 million

  • €148 million reduction in debt compared with 2015

  • 13 modes of transport

  • 43,000 vehicles