Happy passengers across the north give a big thumbs up to Transdev's booming buses

9 February 2017

Happy passengers across Yorkshire and Lancashire have given a huge thumbs up to Transdev’s new and revitalised bus services.

In its first ever test of customer satisfaction, Transdev subsidiary The Harrogate Bus Company’s top of the range the 36 bus route won an amazing 97 per cent overall satisfaction rating, less than a year after its launch with the brand identity Riding: Redefined, following a £3.3 million investment in 14 amazing new twin-deck buses. The vehicles were built to a luxury specification, featuring quilted leather seats, free superfast Wi-Fi, USB power points at every seat, and even a glazed panoramic roof for sky and star gazing.

Cityzap drivers, Paul Mathema and Dave French

Transdev’s groundbreaking Cityzap express service linking York and Leeds, launched in March 2016 also won high marks, achieving a 96 per cent overall satisfaction rating in its first customer satisfaction test.

The company’s redEXPRESS service between Blackburn, Accrington and Manchester won even higher marks from its customers, with an amazing 99 per cent overall satisfaction rate. All three services were praised by customers for their friendly drivers, great value for money fares and top quality facilities on board, including fast and free Wi-Fi and USB charging points at every seat.

Transdev Yorkshire and Lancashire CEO Alex Hornby said: “We’re very encouraged by these results, which show high levels of customer satisfaction for our premium products.

“We’re especially delighted to see how many people have made the switch to these three key routes instead of driving or taking the train. Our combination of high quality, frequent and comfortable buses, driven by friendly staff and offering outstanding value for money compared with the alternatives is winning more and more new customers to our buses.

“These are very encouraging results, but for us they are only the beginning. Our whole team on the buses and behind the scenes is working hard to make our services even better in future – and we’ll continue to break the mould with innovative new products and services in 2017 and beyond.”

redEXPRESS drivers, Richard Woodhouse and Kevin Hulbert 

Further highlights from the customer surveys on each of the three premium Transdev services include:

•    72 per cent of customers couldn’t name a single thing they didn’t like about redEXPRESS
•    Also rated highly were friendly drivers, great value for money fares and top quality facilities on board, including fast and free Wi-Fi and USB charging points at every seat
•    Over three quarters of customers agreed that catching redEXPRESS is cheaper than taking the train, with many saying how convenient the service is for commuting, shopping and leisure trips
•    Over three quarters of those asked also agreed that redEXPRESS offers a cheaper alternative to driving – making the bus a great choice

36 drivers, Sandra Fernandes and Bijumon George 

The 36: Riding Redefined:
•    Over three quarters of customers say the 36 is a better option than driving or taking the train
•    More than half (56 per cent) of the 36’s customers could have used their cars, but chose the bus instead – making the bus a great way to cut road congestion and pollution
•    Over half of customers surveyed choose the 36 at least twice a week
•    Even though customers using the 36 weren’t directly asked to say why they like it so much, many did – comments received included: “I adore the 36”, “My experience is of first class service”, “You’re the best service I use”, and “P.S. your drivers are lovely!”

•    Compared with taking the train, 95 per cent agreed that Cityzap is the best value way to travel between York and Leeds – with cheaper fares and a more convenient route straight to the heart of both York and Leeds city centres
•    80 per cent also agreed that Cityzap is cheaper than driving between the two Yorkshire cities – and 45 per cent could have driven that day
•    Over half of those asked could have used a car for their journey – but chose Cityzap instead
•    Cityzap customers love that the service takes the fastest route between York and Leeds and York, guided by industry-first ‘ZAPnavs’ to avoid congestion and delays

Transdev has invested in new technology and industry-leading product specifications to win new passengers from the train and the car. Its flagship 36 Riding: Redefined Ripon – Harrogate – Leeds route was relaunched in January 2016 to wide acclaim, with a £3.3 million investment in 14 new twin-deck buses, specially designed for the route and featuring free superfast 4G Wi-Fi, USB power points at every seat, plush leather coach seats upstairs, and personal tables with quilted leather seating and a chill-out area on the lower deck.

Most recently, a further £2.34 million investment in all-new British built buses has begun to revolutionise travel for thousands of passengers on Transdev’s popular Coastliner routes, linking Leeds and York with the Yorkshire Coast resorts of Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington.

The first of fifteen new twin-deck Coastliner buses was revealed last month in York. The vehicles are filled with innovative and customer friendly features, including:
•    Leather trimmed seats featuring fold-out tables and storage nets on seat backs
•    LED lighting throughout both decks, including under seats and on the stairs
•    Fully glazed staircase to maximise natural light
•    Glazed upper deck roof panels – perfect for sky and star gazing
•    Smart dual colour wood-effect flooring
•    Fast and free 4G Wi-Fi throughout, with USB power points at every seat
•    Two unique Coastliner ‘family zones’ on the upper deck, with seats grouped together around tables, featuring wireless mobile phone charging pads and plug-in charging sockets with integrated USB points – ideal for trips together to the coast, or the cities of York and Leeds
•    A state of the art 14-camera CCTV system
•    High visibility destination screens featuring a “time to departure” countdown display
•    High performance, low emissions engines featuring driver performance monitoring systems to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey, every time.