Greentomatocars launches new brand

12 November 2015


Greentomatocars has recently completed a rebranding exercise to refresh the look and feel of their iconic emblem and logo.

Greentomatocars has launched a whole new look, refreshing and revising their website, interactive app for both Apple and android phones and internal communications with a new logo, style and feel to the brand representing the modern stylish and sophisticated nature of the company.


Introducing the new brand, greentomatocars Marketing Director Josh Greedy said;

“We have created a refreshed look and feel that holds onto our heritage and quirkiness but has allowed us to become more ‘grown up’. We are claiming London as our own and becoming a London brand that celebrates its green credentials, while presenting a fresh contemporary identity and offering a solid and reliable service.”

“Greentomatocars is a brand that presents Londoners with an up to date, easy to use travel option. Whether they are out clubbing all night or ordering a car for the CEO of a financial institution. We have refreshed our logo, font, colours and icon with a simpler, stylish design. Our website, app and internal channels have been revitalised while being refined with added functionality such as the ‘get a quote option’ which has now been included on the website.”

“Our tone of voice, photographic imagery, car logos and internal values have been redefined, internally and externally, and designed to represent this new attitude as we continue to define private car transportation in London.”

Keep an eye on greentomatocars social platforms, website and app for exciting promotions tied in with this change and for the vehicles themselves on the road including the ultra-high tech, brand new out of the factory Toyota Mirai which is hydrogen powered and emits only water as an emission.

Greentomatocars is leading the way in green innovation for London’s transportation industry.

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